What is L3NFT?
L3NFT is a new community and rewards-driven omnichain NFT marketplace to buy, sell, and discover virtual real estate and in-game assets across the metaverse. We will be actively rewarding our community for participating. More details to come.
When are you launching?
Very soon! Please keep your eyes on for updates and sneak peeks.
Why L3NFT?
We are a data-driven specialized marketplace for the metaverse. We differentiate ourselves based on the tech we're built on (including LayerZero's game-changing omnichain protocol), data-driven investing decisions, and rewards incorporated into the buying and selling experience.
Will L3NFT have a token?
Yes, we are planning to launch a token in coordination with our marketplace launch. We may even drop some out of the air.
Which NFT virtual worlds will we support?
All prominent blockchain-based virtual worlds that include a land component will be supported. We will be indexing ERC721 and ERC1155 virtual world collections, as well as all new ones as they launch. (Looking at you, Otherside/BAYC.)
What can I do on L3NFT at launch?
- Buy and sell land and in-game assets NFTs
- Earn trading rewards
- Earn a share of our trading fees
Many more features coming! Stay tuned.
How can I help?
Your feedback and participation will be the lifeblood of L3NFT. Head over to our Discord or email us with any feedback you have, or tell us how you'd like to help. We'd love to hear from you! And once we go live, help us discover bugs and send us you feature requests.

Email: hello@L3NFT.io